New Tweaks To Try: Horseshoe, LaunchInSafeMode, ThumbTack, Cheader And Tinc

It is that time of the week when we pick the best new Cydia tweaks to give you an overview of what they do and how you can download them on your devices. Today’s roundup includes a bunch of new hacks that are now available for download. Read on to learn about Horseshoe, LaunchInSafeMode, ThumbTack, Cheader And Tinc.


Although Horseshoe is not new, it just got a major update, which makes it compatible with latest iOS jailbreak. The tweak focuses on bringing useful and fun changes to the Control Center by enabling them to reorder different sections, hide sections they don’t like, save space by having multi slider, reorder toggles and more. The tweak even adds a new slider to the Control Center that makes it possible for users to change the audio balance between left and right side of headphones. Horseshoe tweak is fully compatible with iOS 10 and even works with iPad. You can download it for $2.50 from Cydia.


If you have a 3D Touch enabled jailbroken device, then you are going to love LaunchInSafeMode tweak from Cydia. With this tweak you can add a ‘Safe Mode’ button to the Settings app’s 3D Touch menu. With the new button you can quickly reboot your iPhone in the Safe Mode whenever you want right from the homescreen. It is available in Cydia for free.



Thumbtack tweak brings the missing note pinning feature to iOS’s stock Notes app. The tweak makes it possible for users to pin multiple important notes to the top of the notes list in the Notes app. To pin a note users can tap and hold on a note cell, they can do the same to unpin it. The tweak even displays a pin next to the notes that have been pinned by the user. Thumbtack tweak is available in Cydia for free and only works with iOS 10.



The Cheader (pronounced Cheddar) tweak allows users to change the colors of the notification banner headers that they see on the lockscreen and the Notification Center. The tweak uses a clever technique to apply the same color to the banner header as the dominant color of the app’s homescreen icon. This effect gives a fresh look to the alerts. You can download the Cheader tweak from Cydia for free. It fully works with iOS 10.


The Tinc tweak makes it possible for users to customize the background color of the Notification Center and the Control Center. The colors can be selected from Settings. Tinc works with iOS 10 and is available for free.

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