PencilChargingIndicator Tweak For iOS 12 Brings Apple Pencil Style Notification To iPhone

With the new iPad Pros Apple had also released Apple Pencil Second generation. One of the many things that differentiate the second generation Pencil from the original one is the way it recharges. Users can simply attach it magnetically on the side of the iPad in order to wirelessly recharge it. When you place the Pencil on your iPad Pro’s side you get a unique looking notification telling you the accessory is connected and charging.

The unique design of the Apple Pencil charging notification is liked by many, so much so that a tweak called PencilChargingIndicator tweak brings the same design to the iPhone. When you have PencilChargingIndicator tweak installed on your iOS 12 device you will get a charging notification just like the Apple Pencil. The notification tells you that the device has started charging and also shows the current battery percentage.

While the battery percentage feature of the PencilChargingIndicator would have been enough to make it a must download tweak for iOS 12 users, it also brings the Apple Pencil charging notification style to iPhone notifications. When you have enabled the notification option from tweak’s Settings page, your notifications will also feature the same design. The new notification design looks cool but it significantly reduces the length of message preview that is displayed on the notification, which makes it less ideal for many.

PencilChargingIndicator offers several customization options including the ability to turn it off in certain parts of the device, ability to choose between light, dark, light blurred and dark blurred appearance, have a custom charging message and more.

You can download the PencilChargingIndicator tweak from Cydia where it is available on ‘’. It is available for free and we have tested it on iOS 12.1.2.

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