QuickAlarm 3D Touch tweak lets you toggle alarms right from the homescreen

QuickAlarm tweak

The 3D Touch shortcut menus that appear when you force tap on an homescreen icon only let users to quickly access certain parts of the application. However what these shortcuts don’t do is allow users to make changes in the app itself. A recently released tweak called QuickAlarm changes that allow users to turn alarms in the Clock app on or off without even launching the application, right from the homescreen. In order to take advantage of the tweak all you have to do is force tap on the stock Clock app’s icon and then tap on the toggle.

After you have installed the QuickAlarm tweak it will replace the usual 3D Touch menu options that includes Start Stopwatch and Start Timer with 2 of your active alarms. The shortcut option to Create a new alarm will still be there. QuickAlarm is great for iOS users who use the Clock app primarily for its alarm functionality. While the tweak requires 3D Touch functionality, those of you who are using 3D Touch enabler tweaks like RevealMenu might also be able to use it.

You can download QuickAlarm tweak from Cydia for free.

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