QuickCCDismiss Tweak Makes Using Control Center Easier

QuickCCDismiss tweak

With the new QuickCCDismiss tweak for jailbroken devices users can quickly dismiss Control Center from expanded module screen, without the need to tap screen multiple times.

The main purpose of iOS Control Center is to make it quick and easy for users to perform various tasks. However those who use Control Center on a regular basis would know that it has some quirks as well.

One of the biggest thing that annoys iPhone users is the multiple taps they have to perform after using the extended modules.

For example, if you open Control Center and long press on the utilities module to expand it, you then have to tap on the screen to dismiss the expanded module screen and then on the main Control Center screen to finally dismiss it.

With the QuickCCDismiss tweak you can save time and effort, as it makes the process to dismiss the Control Center easy. It does so by allowing users to completely dismiss the Control Center right from the expanded menus screen.

When you are on a expanded module screen for media, volume, brightness, utilities and more you can dismiss the complete Control Center with a long press, swipe up or swipe down gesture.

QuickCCDismiss tweak is highly customizable and gives users the ability to enable or disable the dismiss gestures individually. You can also change the dismiss speed and select between normal, quick and very quick.

With Quick setting you can dismiss Control Center directly whereas with Very Quick you can dismiss Control Center directly without animation.

You can download the QuickCCDismiss tweak from Cydia where it is available through developer’s repo (https://repo.anthopak.dev/) for free. It works with iOS 11 all the way up to iOS 14.5.

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