QuickShoot Pro 3 Tweak Lets You Take Photos And Record Videos From Anywhere

QuickShoot Pro iOS 8 tweak

Are you looking for a super convenient way of taking photos on your iPhone? If yes, then try the QuickShoot Pro 3 tweak. The tweak that has been available for a while recently got updated to support iOS 9.2 and above. With QuickShoot Pro 3 you can take quick photos without even opening the Camera app. To take a photo all you need to do is tap twice on the Camera app icon. In addition to taking photos you can also use QuickShoot Pro to record videos without launching the Camera app. To do so, you have to tap three times and your iPhone will start recording.

The best thing about video recording feature of QuickShoot Pro is that you can use other apps while video is being recorded. Normally when you start recording through Camera app itself and return to the homescreen the video stops recording. But with QuickShoot Pro you can perform other tasks without worrying about video recording getting stopped. It will even show a status bar overlay that tells you the status of your video recording.

QuickShoot Pro 3 offers several customization options including the ability for users to select Activator shortcuts for the tweak. This way you can have any shortcut assigned to taking photos.

The new QuickShoot Pro 3 adds support for high quality video formats of iPhone including 4k at 30fps, full hd at 1080p with 30 and 60fps as well as 720p at 30 and 60fps.

You can download QuickShoot Pro tweak from Cydia for $1.99. It works with iOS 9.2 or above. Users of older iOS versions can still download QuickShoot Pro for iOS 8 and iOS 7 available separately.

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