Rapid Tweak Brings Widget Style Quick Launcher To iPhone

Rapid tweak

Rapid tweak

Rapid is a multi-purpose jailbreak tweak that brings a number of fun and useful features to iOS. The Rapid module screen consists of multiple widgets that give users quick at a glance information and shortcuts to certain apps, iCloud settings page and a music widget.

In addition to the modular Rapid screen users also get a number of other useful features that are built right into this tweak. For example, with Rapid you get a screenshot and lockscreen timer on your iPhone. This timer is similar to the timer that runs before iOS’s native screen recording feature starts recording. When the timer feature is enabled your iPhone will show a timer of a few seconds before taking a screenshot or locking the device. This is very useful when you want to take screenshot with one hand.

The Rapid module screen is customizable and allows users to set their own avatar and name for the iCloud shortcut. Similarly users can choose up to 6 of their favorite apps whose shortcut is added to the Rapid screen for quick access.

You can also add URL shortcuts to the Rapid screen so it is easier to instantly open any Reddit or Twitter page quickly by tapping on the shortcut.

As we have mentioned earlier Rapid has a nice music widget that lets you control the now playing music. However what makes Rapid’s music widget different from iOS’s default music widget is the fact that it displays a cool wave animation when the music is playing. It works with both Apple Music and Spotify.

You can also get Wi-Fi and Cellular network modules that make it possible for users to see information about the networks their device is connected without having to access Settings.

Another feature found in the Showcase app allows users to decorate any iPhone screenshot by adding their iPhone’s frame around it. In addition to adding the iPhone frame you can also add a background image, text, drawing and more.

Rapid tweak is available for download through the Twickd repo. It costs $2.49 and is compatible with iOS 13 or above.

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