SetBack tweak lets you save all of your jailbreak setup for later use

SetBack tweak

If you are a dedicated jailbreak user then you definitely have a set of tweaks, themes and apps installed that you love. This setup is ruined when you want to try new hacks or switch between different themes. A new tweak called SetBack solves this problem for jailbroken iOS users by enabling them to save everything in their jailbreak setup and restore it afterwards. SetBack tweak saves all tweak preferences, springboard icon layout, wallpapers, WinterBoard themes and more. Then to revert back to these settings all you have to do is apply the previously saved setup.

Saving a new setup is very easy, simply launch the app from the homescreen and tap on the ‘+’ button. After pressing the button you can set a name for that setup. You also get the option to update, rename and delete previously saved setups by tapping and holding on them. You can save as many setups as you want.

SetBack tweak is particularly useful if you often like to switch between different WinterBoard themes and setup everything else accordingly. With this app you don’t have to change each and everything to match the theme of your choice.

You can download SetBack from Cydia for $1. It is available under the ModMyi repository and requires iOS 7 or above.

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  1. I bought this tweak, but the + is mostly hidden behind my dock icons. I am using blank icons on my pages since gridlock 2 has not been updated. I guess I have to contact the developer.

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