Snapify Tweak Brings Snapchat Like Send Button To Messages App

Snapify tweak for jailbroken iPhones allows users to bring Snapchat like Send button to the Messages app. With this tweak you can simplify your messaging experience and send messages more conveniently.

If you’re a Snapchat user, then you would know that the app replaces the ‘return’ key from the keyboard with the ‘send’ button. So when you’re typing a message you can quickly send it to your friend by tapping on the send button located next to the space key.

On the Messages app things are very different since instead of showing a Send key next to the space key, Messages features the return button. The send key is located next to the text field. Due to this you have to tap on the send button located next to the typing field in order to send a message, which isn’t as convenient.

Using the Snapify tweak you can replace Messages app’s return key with Snapchat like send button.

This means you will get the send button conveniently placed next to the space key, giving you the ability to quickly send over a message without much hassle.

This tweak not only makes tapping on the send button easier but it also makes Messages app consistent with the Snapchat app, which is great for users who use both apps on a regular basis.

The tweak even gives you the option to hide the Arrow send button when using the Messages app and the quick reply interface.

Snapify tweak is available under the Packix repo as a free download. It works with both iOS 13 and iOS 14 powered devices.

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