Titan Tweak Brings Picture-In-Picture Video To iPhone

Titan tweak

Titan tweak

If you’re an iPad user, then you would be familiar with the Picture-in-Picture feature, that lets you watch a video from one app while doing something else in another. Netflix is a popular app that offers native Picture-in-Picture or PiP support on the iPad.

Newly released Titan tweak brings the iPad inspired Picture-in-Picture feature to all iPhones. This means you can enjoy the same video viewing experiencing on your iPhone. For example you can watch your favorite YouTube video while replying to a text in iMessage and more.

PiP feature with Titan can be triggered by simply exiting the video app while playing a video or tapping on a notification among other things.

When the tweak is installed on a device user can exit a video app after which the video will stay on the screen in a smaller playback overlay. This overlay can be moved around the screen through a drag gesture.

Titan offers features like Activator support to toggle PiP mode on and off. It also has Smart Positioning feature, which automatically figures out where the navigation and tab bars are and places the picture-in-picture window accordingly.

Titan tweak brings iPhone picture-in-picture mode to a wide ranges of apps including YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Twitch, Disney+, Prime Video, ESPN and Plex.

It can even be used on iPad to add picture-in-picture feature support in apps that don’t support it, for example YouTube.

You can download the Titan tweak from the Chariz repo where it is available for $1.99. It works with all versions of iOS 13 including iOS 13.5.

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