TranslateMe add-on lets you translate any text in a few taps

TranslateMe tweak

When you are browsing the web and come across a website that is in another language, you have to copy the text and paste it into some app or another website in order to translate it. This is not just the case when browsing the Internet, as you can also receive an email written in a foreign language or have a note etc. The new TranslateMe add-on for ActionMenu tweak makes the life of iOS users easier by allowing them to easily translate any text on their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch without leaving the app they are currently using.

To translate any block of text all you need to do is select it using the usual selection method of iOS and then tap on the ‘Translate’ button. You may have to tap on the arrow button to access the translate button in some cases. The app will instantly translate the selected text and show you the translation in your pre-selected language in a popup.

TranslateMe supports a wide range of languages including English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Persian and Portuguese. You can choose the ‘Translate to’ language from the preference panel. The selected text can be in any language. The tweak will automatically detect the original language of the text before translating it.

TranslateMe tweak 1

The best thing about TranslateMe is that it works anywhere the action menu appears. So you will be able to use it in Safari, Mail, Notes and even in third-party applications.

While the tweak works flawlessly for the most part, we did find that it was unable to translate when a large block of text was selected and gave the ‘No Text Selected’ error. So to make it work make sure you only select a few lines at once, until the developer fixes the bug.

You can download TranslateMe from Cydia for free. It will download the ActionMenu tweak automatically if you don’t have it installed already.

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