Developer finds Force Touch related code in iOS

Force touch code iOS

iOS developer Hamza Sood has posted what appears to be Force Touch related code found in iOS. The developer tweeted the image above with accompanied text in which he says Apple has been testing trackpad like keyboard gestures on the upcoming iPhone 6s. As you can see in the image above the code includes commands like ‘UITextSelectionSettings’ and ‘enableDeepPress’, which clearly point towards inclusion of the Apple Watch and Macbook trackpad inspired Force Touch technology on the next iPhone.

It seems like Apple is testing SwipeSelection tweak like text selection, which would allow users to select text by swiping on the keyboard buttons. However, unlike SwipeSelection users will have to deep press on the screen in order to initiate the selection method.

With all the speculations and leaks it is pretty much confirmed that the next iPhone’s big feature will be the addition of Force Touch technology, which will allow users to perform certain actions by applying more pressure on their screens.

While keyboard based text selection is certainly an interesting way of utilizing the technology we are still excited to see what more is in store for this iPhone feature in the upcoming iOS versions.

Hamza has not specified which iOS version contains this code, however it is safe to say that it must be part of the last few betas of iOS 9.

This is not the first time Hamza Sood has put his coding skills to use. Previously he hacked watchOS 2 in order to install custom watch faces to his Apple Watch, something that is not possible officially.

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