This tweak brings essential options to improve YouTube app for iOS


YouTube Essentials is a newly released Cydia tweak, which brings some ‘essential’ features to the official Youtube app. It adds a bunch of useful options ranging from ability for users to block ads to changing the color of the keyboard. YouTube Essentials is live on Cydia and you can download it right now for free. It is a must have free tweak for all the jailbreakers out there.

Almost every iOS user has YouTube app installed on his/her device. YouTube is the best free video-sharing website on the planet, however many times we have to face some limitations in terms of the lack of control over the app. But Cydia developers are doing their best to break all these limitations and to put the user in control.

YouTube Essentials adds five essential features to the official YouTube app. Once you install the tweak you would be able to enable/disable age restrictions, background audio, ad blocker, 3G unrestrictor and white keyboard. By enabling the Background Audio you will be able to enjoy the music even if you want to switch to homescreen or any other app. By default a video is stopped when you try to open any other app. 3G Unrestrictor toggle will allow you to explore the YouTube app via 3G/4G services of your carriers.

You can download YouTube Essentials for free from Cydia. If you’re looking for a free tweak to download YouTube videos then YouTuber is good tweak for the task.

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  1. So you support adblocker? On YouTube where most of the money goes to the artists? Wow… Thanks for the info. I will definitely turn my adblocker on your site on. You see not a single cent from my clicks again.

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