Tweaks worth checking out: NoPlayerBlur and unlimited attachments

Today two new tweaks were released in Cydia for jailbroken iOS 7 devices. The tweaks called NoPlayerBlur and unlimited attachments are both available for free in the store and offer minor but noticeable changes to iOS. While NoPlayerBlur focuses on changing the visual aspect of the operating system the unlimited attachments tweak adds a subtle but very useful feature to it, which we are sure many of you would appreciate.


NoPlayerBlur tweak

NoPlayerBlur as its name suggests enables users to remove the whitish blur effect from the video player overlay, only showing controls on user’s screen. This tweak adds a nice visual effect to the video player, which actually looks pretty great giving it a minimalistic feel. You can simply enable or disable the tweak from Settings, where you will also find the slider to adjust the blur on the video player overlay. So not only can you fully remove the blur using this tweak but you can also adjust the level of blur on it. You can get NoPlayerBlur for free from Cydia’s BigBoss repo.

unlimited attachments

unlimited attachment also does exactly what its name suggests, it allows users to send large sized attachments using the stock Mail app on their iPhone or iPad. The tweak removes any limit iOS puts on the attachment size or number allowing you to send anything you want from your iOS device. unlimited attachments is available for free as well under BigBoss.

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