List Of All Apple Arcade Games That You Can Play Right Now

Apple Arcade Logo

Apple Arcade Logo

Apple has launched Apple Arcade, it’s video game subscription service that allows users to play a wide range of games by paying monthly subscription fees. After being announced in March the service is now available to anyone running iOS 13 or later. Apple has been adding new games to the service and today list of Apple Arcade games has crossed a 100 titles.

If you are interested in getting the Apple Arcade service and trying out all of its premium games without paying extra, then you can do so by getting its $4.99 a month subscription.

You can find the long list of Apple Arcade games that are available to play right now below. All of these games can be downloaded without any extra charges once you get the monthly subscription.

Apple is also offering a 1-month free Apple Arcade trial to all users. Once the trial period is complete Apple will be charging $4.99 per month for the service that will be accessible on all Apple devices owned by the user including iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV and Mac. You can cancel Apple Arcade subscription at any time you like.

Apple Arcade Games list

The $4.99 price tag seems quite reasonable for the service Apple is offering and is much lower than the $9.99 price tag everyone was expected. However it remains to be seen if the current roaster of games and future offerings justify the pricing for casual gamers.

Great news is you can continue to play installed Apple Arcade games even after your Apple Arcade subscription has expired.

Complete List of Apple Arcade Games

List of games Apple Arcade

Here’s the complete list of 80 Apple Arcade games that are currently available on to play and can be downloaded for free with subscription.

  1. Agent Intercept
  2. Assemble with Care
  3. Atone: Heart of the ElderTree
  4. Ballistic Baseball
  5. Battle Sky Brigade: Harpooner
  6. Big TimeSports
  7. Bleak Sword
  8. The Bradwell Conspiracy
  9. Card of Darkness
  10. Cardpocalypse
  11. Cat Quest 2
  12. ChuChuRocket
  13. Cricket through the Ages
  14. Dead End Job
  15. Decoherence
  16. Dear Reader
  17. Discolored
  18. Dodo Peak
  19. Don’t Bug Me
  20. Down in Bermuda
  21. Dread Nautical
  22. Earth Night
  23. The Enchanted World
  24. Exit the Gungeon
  25. Explottens
  26. Frogger In Toy Town
  27. Fledgling Heroes
  28. The Get out Kids
  29. Grindstone
  30. Guildings
  31. Hexaflip
  32. Hot Lava
  33. Hogwash
  34. InMost
  35. Jenny LeClue
  36. Jumper Jon
  37. King’s League 2
  38. Lego Brawls
  39. Lifeslide
  40. Lifelike
  41. Manifold Garden
  42. Marble it Up: Mayhem!
  43. Mini Motorways
  44. Mind Symphony
  45. Monomals
  46. Murder Mystery
  47. Mutazione
  48. Neo Cab
  49. Nightmare Farm
  50. Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm
  51. Operator 41
  52. Outlanders
  53. Over the Alps
  54. Overland
  55. Pac-Man Party Royale
  56. Patterned
  57. Possessions
  58. Pilgrims
  59. Pinball Wizard
  60. Projection: First Light
  61. Punch
  62. Rayman Mini
  63. Red Reign
  64. Redout: Space Assault
  65. Rosie’s Reality
  66. Sayonara Wild Hearts
  67. Shantae and the Seven Sirens
  68. Shinsekai Into the Depths
  69. Shock Rods
  70. Skate City
  71. Sneaky Sasquatch
  72. Sociable Soccer
  73. Sonic Racing
  74. Spaceland
  75. Speed Demons
  76. Spek
  77. Spelldrifter
  78. Spidersaurs
  79. Star Fetched
  80. Stela
  81. Stellar Commanders
  82. Stranded Sales
  83. Super Impossible Road
  84. Super Mega Mini Party
  85. Takesahi & Hiroshi
  86. Tales of Memo
  87. TangleTower
  88. Things That Go Bump
  89. The Mosaic
  90. Tint
  91. Towaga: Among Shadows
  92. UFO on Tape: First Contact
  93. Unleash the Light
  94. Various Daylife
  95. Way of the Turtle
  96. What the Golf?
  97. Where Cards Fall
  98. Word Laces

If you are running iOS 13 or later simply head over to the App Store app and tap on the ‘Arcade’ tab from the bottom bar. Once the page has loaded sign up for 1 month free access.

You can browse all of the available games on the Arcade page and download them to your devices just like a normal App Store game or app.

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