Use this 3D Touch App Store shortcut to make updating apps easier

Update All 3D Touch

Different iPhone users see 3D Touch feature differently. To some it is just another ‘cool’ feature that they rarely use while others have adjusted their smartphone usage to better take advantage of this new technology. No matter which group you belong to, you have to admit that despite not being utilized up to its full potential 3D Touch is a nice addition to iPhone. One super useful feature of 3D Touch enables iPhone users to quickly update all pending updates in the App Store.

If you have the latest iPhone model that includes iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus (not iPhone SE, sadly), then simply force tap on the App Store’s icon to access its 3D Touch menu. Then hit the ‘Update All’ button. Upon doing so the App Store app will be launched with the ‘Updates’ page on the front. The device will also automatically start downloading all the pending app updates without requiring any extra effort from the user.

Using the ‘Update All’ 3D Touch shortcut reduces the number of steps that are required to even hit the ‘Update All’ button that is present on top right side of the Updates page. Update All is a handy feature that reminds us how 3D Touch makes using an iPhone better and why Apple should bring this feature to all other devices as soon as possible.

The 3D Touch shortcut menu also provides easy access to search, redeem and purchased pages as well.

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