Add Macbook like battery indicator to iOS 7 with MacBattery theme for Alkaline

We recently told you about the Alkaline theme platform, which makes it possible for users to change the look of battery indicator on their device’s status bar. Changing the battery indicator brings a big change to the overall appearance of the device and makes it look a lot different.

MacBattery theme alkaline

Now a new theme for Alkaline called MacBattery has been released in Cydia that brings Macbook like battery indicator to iOS 7. The new battery indicator looks exactly like it does on OS X giving users a Mac like feel. Its a complete and fully functional theme, which means the sign will change when you plug your device in and turn white or black based on the background of the status bar.

You can download MacBattery theme for Alkaline for free from Cydia. After installation remember to apply it through the Alkaline settings and not from WinterBoard as both are standalone applications.

Just so you know Alkaline is also a free tweak and is available through Cydia. It can be called the WinterBoard or Zeppelin of battery indicators based on its functionality.

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