How To Add More Workouts to Apple Watch’s Workout App

Workout app Apple Watch

Workout app Apple Watch

One of the primary reasons why users buy the Apple Watch is to track their Workouts and daily activity. The Apple Watch does a very good job at accurately measuring user’s workouts in the gym, running track, in the swimming pool and elsewhere.

When you launch the Workout app you get a list consisting of several types of workouts. You can track these workouts by tapping on the workout that you want to track. What many users don’t know is there are many other types of workouts that can be tracked by the Apple Watch. Not all of these workouts are listed on the main Workout page, in fact it only lists a fraction of the available options.

Apple Watch’s Workout app offers around 77 workouts ranging from Basketball, Bowling, Boxing, Hockey, Martial Arts, Tennis, Volleyball and more. These options and many others are not found on the Workout app by default and need to be added to the workout list page manually.

Adding a different type of workout to the Apple Watch’s Workout app is quite easy. To do so simply follow these steps.

Apple Watch Workouts app

  1. Launch the Workout app.
  2. Using the Digital Crown scroll to the bottom of the workout list.
  3. Tap on Add Workout button.
  4. Now from the list of workouts tap on the type of workout you want to add to the main workout page.

That’s it, now your chosen workout will appear on the main Workout page.

You can easily remove any workout that appears on the Workout app. You can do so by simply swiping left on the workout and then tapping on the red ‘x’ button.

Complete list of workouts you can track with Apple Watch

Here’s a complete list of additional Apple Watch workouts that can be added to the main workout page. All of these workouts can be tracked with the Apple Watch app.

  1. American Football
  2. Archery
  3. Athletics
  4. Australian Football
  5. Badminton
  6. Barre
  7. Baseball
  8. Basketball
  9. Bowling
  10. Boxing
  11. Climbing
  12. Core Training
  13. Cricket
  14. Cross Country Skiing
  15. Cross Training
  16. Curling
  17. Dance
  18. Disc Sports
  19. Downhill Skiing
  20. Elliptical
  21. Equestrian Sports
  22. Fencing
  23. Fishing
  24. Fitness Gaming
  25. Flexibility
  26. Football
  27. Functional Training
  28. Golf
  29. Gymnastic
  30. Hand Cycling
  31. Handball
  32. High-Intensity Interval Training
  33. Hiking
  34. Hockey
  35. Hunting
  36. Indoor Cycle
  37. Indoor Run
  38. Indoor Walk
  39. Kickboxing
  40. Lacrosse
  41. Martial Arts
  42. Mind & Body
  43. Mixed Cardio
  44. Open Water Swim
  45. Other
  46. Outdoor Cycle
  47. Outdoor Run
  48. Outdoor Walk
  49. Paddling
  50. Pilates
  51. Play
  52. Pool Swim
  53. Racketball
  54. Rolling
  55. Rower
  56. Rugby
  57. Sailing
  58. Skating
  59. Skipping Rope
  60. Snow Sports
  61. Snowboarding
  62. Softball
  63. Squash
  64. Stair-Stepper
  65. Stairs
  66. Step Training
  67. Strength Training
  68. Surfing
  69. Table Tennis
  70. Tai Chi
  71. Tennis
  72. Volleyball
  73. Water Fitness
  74. Water Polo
  75. Water Sports
  76. Wrestling
  77. Yoga

There you have it, this is how you can add additional types of workouts to the Workout app.

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