Apple Watch Stopwatch Has Four Hidden Versions, Here’s How To Access Them

Apple Watch is full of surprises and the wearable device keeps getting better. The Watch has so many features that even many of its long time users are not familiar with them. One such feature enables users to switch between four different types of stopwatches within the stock watchOS Stopwatch app.

Yes you read that right, on Apple Watch you have four different types of Stopwatches and you can switch between whenever you like, right from the Stopwatch app. The four stopwatch versions you get on watchOS include Analog, Digital, Graph and Hybrid.

You can switch between these hidden versions by launching the Stopwatch app on your Apple Watch and Force Tapping on the screen. When you force tap, you will see four different icons that allow you to set a different stopwatch version as default. Simply tap on the version you want to use and your Apple Watch will switch to it.

Each of these stopwatch versions offer a different experience. While the analog and digital versions look like an actual stopwatch and are quite simple, the Graph and Hybrid ones are more interesting. The Graph stopwatch displays a graph as soon as you tap on the Lap button and shows you the graphical representation of when each lap was started in real-time. The Hybrid stopwatch version combines the analog and digital versions and displays both of these stopwatches on the same screen.

Did you know about this hidden Apple Watch feature? Do you know about any watchOS feature that others may not be familiar with? Let us know int he comments section below.

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