Enable High-Quality Streaming Over Mobile Data For Apple Music

Apple Music users who listen to music on the go would have noticed the audio quality difference when they are listening to their favorite music over LTE. iPhone will automatically stream Apple Music in a lower quality in order to save LTE bandwidth. It is a handy feature especially for those who have limited mobile data bandwidth available on their plan.

Streaming Apple Music at a lower quality is also beneficial for a seamless music listening experience, since it speeds up the start time and reduces pauses due to buffering. However if you have an unlimited data allowance on your LTE device and are not bothered by extra loading time, then you can change a setting that will allow you to have high-quality streaming on Apple Music while on LTE.

In this tutorial we will show you how you can enable high-quality streaming over Mobile Data on your iPhone.

  1. On your iPhone open Settings and go to Music.
  2. From the Music screen tap on ‘Mobile Data‘ option.
  3. Finally on the Mobile Data page turn on the toggle for ‘High-Quality Streaming‘.

Once the toggle for High-Quality Streaming for Apple Music has been turned on your iPhone will stream your favorite music in the highest quality possible. You may experience some longer start and loading times in case of slower networks, not to mention increased data usage.

Nevertheless the increased audio quality makes turning the toggle for High-Quality Streaming on totally worth it, especially for those who care about listening to their favorite music in the highest quality possible.

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