How To Convert Handwritten Notes Into Digital Text (Copy Them To Computer)

Convert Handwriting into digital text

Convert Handwriting into digital text

Google Lens has a neat little feature that lets you scan and convert handwritten notes into digital notes using iPhone. Once you have converted the handwritten text into digital text, you can conveniently paste that text on your Mac or Windows computer in the app of your choice.

The handwriting conversion feature relies on Google Search’s Lens feature and Google Chrome running on Mac or Windows. You need to be running Google Search for iOS app and Google Chrome for Mac on their latest versions. Also make sure you sign in to both apps with the same Google account. Once you have made sure of that you can start converting handwritten notes into digital notes.

You can also use our guide to convert handwritten text into digital text on iPad.

How to convert handwritten notes into digital notes

Here are the steps for converting handwritten text into digital text using iPhone and Mac.

Step 1: Download Google Search app on your iPhone or iPad and download Google Chrome on your computer.

Step 2: Launch Google Search app on your iOS device and tap on the Lens button (located right next to the search field).

Step 3: Swipe right on the screen to enter the Text mode of the Lens feature.

Step 4: Take a clear picture of the handwritten note that you can want to convert into digital text. If the picture is not clear enough you can also use your device’s flash for better results.

Step 5: Tap anywhere on the screen to select text or simply tap on the ‘Select all’ button.

Step 6: Finally tap on the Copy to Computer button and then select your computer. As soon as you do you will receive a notification on your computer.

Convert Handwritten text to digital iPhone

Step 7: Use the Command + V shortcut to paste the text anywhere you like.

Convert Handwritten text to digital

Once copied to Mac’s clipboard you can paste the text anywhere including Notes app, Safari, Chrome, Pages and more.

In our testing we found the handwriting conversion feature to be pretty reliable and it gave us 100 percent accurate results most of the time. Even when it had problems scanning the text the errors were very minor and could be corrected easily after pasting on the computer. Having said that your mileage will vary based on how well Google Lens is able to recognize your handwriting.

Google Len’s handwriting to digital text converter is a very useful tool if you want to convert your handwritten notes into digital notes and save them on your Mac. This is a great digitalization tool that will make user’s life much easier.

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