How To Create Nameless iOS Folders With This Clever Trick

If you like a minimalistic home screen, then we have got a neat little trick that can be helpful in keeping it that way. In this tutorial we will share with you a clever trick that allows iPhone and iPad users to create folders without names. Using this technique you can have as many nameless folders as you want and achieve a minimalistic look for your iPhone’s home screen that is not normally possible.

The trick involves using an invisible Braille Unicode character that takes up space in the folder name. While this invisible character tricks iOS into considering the folder has a name, you get a minimalistic nameless folder.

You can make folders without name by following the steps below.

1. Copy the character between the brackets below.


2. Enter the wiggle mode by tapping and holding on any app’s icon.

3. Once you are in the wiggle mode open the folder you want to make nameless.

4. Now tap on the ‘x’ button in order to remove the existing name of the folder.

5. Next tap and hold on the folder name area and tap on the paste button to enter the braille character you copied in step 1.

6. Finally tap on the ‘Done’ button from the keyboard and exit the folder.

That’s it! Now your folder is nameless. You can repeat these steps unlimited times and make every folder on your device nameless.

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