Double tap and hold to easily zoom in or out in Google Maps app

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When it comes to maps Google’s Maps application is our favorite for a variety of reasons. The app keeps getting better and better with every update not to mention the already existing features and highly detailed data it provides. A relatively new and unknown feature of the app makes it fairly easier for users to navigate within the application when using one hand. The trick involves performing the double tap gesture, which normally zooms in on map you are viewing.

However not many people know that if you double tap and hold your thumb on the screen then you can zoom in and out by simply swiping up or down. How this works is pretty simple, just double tap and hold on the second touch. Then you can slide up to zoom out or slide down to zoom in on the map without lifting your finger. This simple trick makes navigating a lot more faster on the Google Maps app since normally you have to double tap multiple times to zoom in or out when using the device with one hand, which can be a little excruciating especially when you walking.

This useful gesture works on the latest version of the Google Maps application, which you can get for free here. (via)

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