How To Edit Your Memoji And Add AirPods To It

iOS 13 adds several new features to Animoji, including new customization options for the Memoji feature. Now users can personalize their Memoji even further by adding makeup, jewellery, headwear and more to their creations. In this article we will share with you how you can use iOS 13’s new customization options to customize your Memoji and even add AirPods to them.

A great thing about Memoji in iOS 13 is that it brings this feature to non-Face ID devices for the very first time. This means if you have an iPhone 8, iPad Pro 10.5-inch or even an iPhone SE, you can now create Memoji on your device and share them with your friends as Stickers. Sadly facial tracking and Animoji/Memoji video is still limited to Face ID devices due to hardware limitations.

Edit Memoji and Add AirPods On Face ID enabled devices

1. To customize your Memoji open a conversation within the Messages app and tap on the Animoji icon from the app bar.

2. Select the Memoji you want to edit and tap on the ‘…’ button, then hit ‘Edit’.

3. Now you will be able to edit your Memoji. Simply tap on the part of the face you want to edit and then choose from the available options.

4. If you want to add AirPods to your Memoji’s ears, then tap on ‘Ears’ option and scroll down all the way down until you see the ‘Audio’ section. From there select AirPods and hit the Done button to save changes.

Edit Memoji and Add AirPods On Non-Face ID devices

While Animoji and Memoji were limited to Face ID enabled devices from the beginning, with iOS 13 Apple has added the ability to create and use Memoji on older iPhones and iPads. Now users of Touch ID devices can also create their custom emojis and use them as stickers within Messages and other communication apps. You can edit your Memoji on non-Face ID devices by following the steps below.

1. Launch the Messages app and go to any iMessage conversation.

2. Tap on the ‘Stickers’ app. Next choose the Memoji you want to edit and scroll down on the stickers page.

3. Now tap on the ‘…’ button and then hit the ‘Edit’ button.

4. Finally choose the part of Memoji you want to edit and then choose from the available customization options.

5. To add AirPods to your Memoji tap on ‘Ears’ option and scroll all the way down. There you will find the AirPods. Tap on it to add it to your Memoji’s ear and hit the ‘Done’ button.

There you go folks, this is how you can add AirPods to your Memoji and personalize them further on your iPhone or iPad. If you have any questions, then feel free to use the comments section below.

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