How To Find iPhone 7 Or 7 Plus’s Identifier And Download Right iOS IPSW

Find iPhone Identifier iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

If you have ever tried downloading an iOS IPSW file from anywhere on the web, you might have noticed that you are required to know the device identifier of your iPhone. Normally, as is the case on our own Download iOS page, iOS download links carry the model name of the device followed by its identifier. For example, if you are downloading iOS IPSW for iPhone 7 you will see iPhone 7 (iPhone9,1) and iPhone 7 (iPhone9,3). The ‘iPhone 9,1’ seen in brackets is the device identifier.

Knowing the right identifier for the iPhone is essential when downloading IPSW files. If you end up downloading the wrong file, iTunes will reject your Restore request and your download will get wasted. In that case you have to download the whole file again, which is a waste of time. Thankfully finding the correct identifier of an iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is quite simple.

Read on to learn how you can find iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus’s identifier and download the right iOS IPSW for your device.

Finding the right identifier for your iPhone 7 or 7 Plus

Before you can use the table below, you need to find the model of your device, which you can do by following the steps below.

  1. On your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus open Settings > General > About.
  2. Once you are on the About page look for ‘Model’.
  3. Now compare the alphanumeric number with the models listed in the 5th column of the table below.

Note: The model on your device might be longer than 5 characters, in that case compare the first 5 characters with the models given below. Once you find the match look at the second column, that’s your device’s identifier.

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus each have two identifiers. For iPhone 7 identifiers include iPhone 9,1 and iPhone 9,3. For iPhone 7 Plus the identifiers are iPhone 9,2 and iPhone 9,4.

iPhone 7

Device Identifier Color Storage Model
iPhone 7 iPhone 9,1 Black 32GB MN8G2, MNAC2, MNAY2, MNCE2, MNGQ2
iPhone 9,1 Black 128GB MN8L2, MNAJ2, MNC32, MNCK2, MNGX2
iPhone 9,1 Black 256GB MN8R2, MNAQ2, MNC82, MNCQ2
iPhone 9,1 Jet Black 128GB MN8Q2, MNAP2, MNC72, MNCP2
iPhone 9,1 Jet Black 256GB MN8W2, MNAX2, MNCD2, MNCV2
iPhone 9,1 Gold 32GB MN8J2, MNAE2, MNC12, MNCG2
iPhone 9,1 Gold 128GB MN8N2, MNAL2, MNC52, MNCM2, MNH02
iPhone 9,1 Gold 256GB MN8U2, MNAV2, MNCA2, MNCT2
iPhone 9,1 Red 128GB MPRV2, MPRT2, MPRH2, MPRL2
iPhone 9,1 Red 256GB MPRW2, MPRU2, MPRJ2, MPRM2
iPhone 9,1 Rose Gold 32GB MN8K2, MNAF2, MNC22, MNCJ2
iPhone 9,1 Rose Gold 128GB MN8P2, MNAM2, MNC62, MNH12, MNCN2
iPhone 9,1 Rose Gold 256GB MN8V2, MNAW2, MNCC2, MNCU2
iPhone 9,1 Silver 32GB MN8H2, MNAD2, MNC02, MNCF2
iPhone 9,1 Silver 128GB MN8M2, MNAK2, MNC42, MNCL2
iPhone 9,1 Silver 256GB MN8T2, MNAU2, MNC92, MNCR2


Device Identifier Color Storage Model
iPhone 7 iPhone 9,3 Black 32GB MN9D2, MN9U2, MN8X2
iPhone 9,3 Black 128GB MN9H2, MN9Y2, MN922
iPhone 9,3 Black 256GB MN9N2, MNA62, MN972
iPhone 9,3 Jet Black 128GB MN9M2, MNA52, MN962
iPhone 9,3 Jet Black 256GB MN9T2, MNAA2, MN9C2
iPhone 9,3 Gold 32GB MN9F2, MN9W2, MN902
iPhone 9,3 Gold 128GB MN9K2, MNA32, MN942
iPhone 9,3 Gold 256GB MN9Q2, MNA82
iPhone 9,3 Red 128GB MPRN2, MPRQ2
iPhone 9,3 Red 256GB MPRP2, MPRR2
iPhone 9,3 Rose Gold 32GB MN9G2, MN9X2, MN912
iPhone 9,3 Rose Gold 128GB MN9L2, MNA42, MN952
iPhone 9,3 Rose Gold 256GB MN9R2, MNA92
iPhone 9,3 Silver 32GB MN9E2, MN9V2
iPhone 9,3 Silver 128GB MN9J2, MNA02
iPhone 9,3 Silver 256GB MN9P2, MNA72

iPhone 7 Plus

Device Identifier Color Storage Model
iPhone 7 Plus iPhone 9,2 Black 32GB MNQH2, MNR12, MNR52, MNR92, MNRJ2
iPhone 9,2 Black 128GB MN482, MN5T2, MN642, MN6F2, MNFP2
iPhone 9,2 Black 256GB MN4E2, MN5Y2, MN692, MN6L2, MNFV2
iPhone 9,2 Jet Black 128GB MN4D2, MN5X2, MN682, MN6K2
iPhone 9,2 Jet Black 256GB MN4L2, MN632, MN6E2, MN6Q2
iPhone 9,2 Gold 32GB MNQK2, MNR32, MNR72, MNRC2, MNRL2
iPhone 9,2 Gold 128GB MN4A2, MN5V2, MN662, MN6H2, MNFR2
iPhone 9,2 Gold 256GB MN4J2, MN612, MN6C2, MN6N2
iPhone 9,2 Red 128GB MPR12, MPR02, MPQV2, MPQW2
iPhone 9,2 Red 256GB MPRA2, MPR92, MPR52, MPR62
iPhone 9,2 Rose Gold 32GB MNQL2, MNR42, MNR82, MNRD2, MNRM2
iPhone 9,2 Rose Gold 128GB MN4C2, MN5W2, MN672, MN6J2, MNFT2
iPhone 9,2 Rose Gold 256GB MN4K2, MN622, MN6D2, MN6P2, MNFY2
iPhone 9,2 Silver 32GB MNQJ2, MNR22, MNR62, MNRA2, MNRK2
iPhone 9,2 Silver 128GB MN492, MN5U2, MN652, MN6G2, MNFQ2
iPhone 9,2 Silver 256GB MN4F2, MN602, MN6A2, MN6M2


Device Identifier Color Storage Model
iPhone 7 Plus iPhone 9,4 Black 32GB MNQR2, MNQW2, MNQM2
iPhone 9,4 Black 128GB MN522, MN5G2, MN4M2
iPhone 9,4 Black 256GB MN592, MN5M2, MN4W2
iPhone 9,4 Jet Black 128GB MN572, MN5L2
iPhone 9,4 Jet Black 256GB MN5F2, MN5R2
iPhone 9,4 Gold 32GB MNQU2, MNQY2, MNQP2
iPhone 9,4 Gold 128GB MN552, MN5J2, MN4Q2
iPhone 9,4 Gold 256GB MN5D2, MN5P2, MN4Y2
iPhone 9,4 Red 128GB MPQW2, MPQY2
iPhone 9,4 Red 256GB MPR72, MPR82
iPhone 9,4 Rose Gold 32GB MNQV2, MNR02, MNQQ2
iPhone 9,4 Rose Gold 128GB MN562, MN5K2, MN4U2
iPhone 9,4 Rose Gold 256GB MN5E2, MN5Q2
iPhone 9,4 Silver 32GB MNQT2, MNQX2, MNQN2
iPhone 9,4 Silver 128GB MN532, MN5H2, MN4P2
iPhone 9,4 Silver 256GB MN5C2, MN5N2, MN4X2, MN502
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