How To Force Quit Apps On Apple Vision Pro

Force quit apps in Apple Vision Pro

No matter how magnificent the tech behind Apple Vision Pro is, it is still a computer on your head. Due to that reality, it is prone to usual computer issues that include unresponsive apps, frozen apps, and apps that refuse to quit.

Encountering a frozen or unresponsive app can be very frustrating and due to the immersive nature of the Apple Vision Pro, it gets even more annoying than a frozen macOS or iOS app.

Thankfully though visionOS allows users to force quit Apple Vision Pro apps with quite ease. So if you have an app that is not quite behaving itself, you can perform a few simple steps to force quit it and relaunch it if you need to.

How to force quit apps in visionOS

Here’s how you can easily force quit Apple Vision Pro apps running any version of visionOS.

Step 1. Press and hold the Digital Crown and Top button until the Force Quit Applications window appears.

Step 2. Release the button as soon as the Force Quit window appears. From the window select the app that you want to close. When you select the app a checkmark will appear next to its name.

Step 3. Select the Force Quit option and confirm.

After you have performed the steps above, visionOS will instantly force quit the app. After this, you can relaunch the app if you want to use it again.

Remember, when you force quit an unresponsive or frozen app, your unsaved data might get deleted.

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