Get WWDC 19 Animated Wallpaper On 3D Touch iPhones (Tutorial)

Just like last year, this year’s WWDC also has beautiful graphics that make up for great iPhone wallpapers. We have already shared the still wallpapers for WWDC 19 that you can use on your iPhone, iPad and Mac. Today we have got something even more fun, as we are sharing WWDC 19 Animated wallpaper with you. You can use this wallpaper on any 3D Touch enabled iPhone, and apply it as your iPhone’s lockscreen. Once you have set the wallpaper you can pressure tap and hold the lockscreen to see the wallpaper in action.

Before you can use the WWDC 19 animated wallpaper on your iPhone, you need to convert the animated file into a Live Photo. Full tutorial on how to convert a video file into Live Photo and using it as an animated lockscreen wallpaper is given below.

Get WWDC 19 Animated Wallpaper on your iPhone

Step 1: First of all download the animation from this link (mirror).

Step 2: Once the WWDC animation video has been downloaded transfer it to your iPhone. You can AirDrop, iMessage or email it to yourself.

Step 3: Now on your iPhone download the free IntoLive app. This app is required to convert the .MOV file into a Live Photo.

Step 4: Launch the IntoLive application tap on ‘Video’, select the video you downloaded earlier, and then tap on the next button to convert it into Live photo.

You can see a tutorial on this app below.

Step 5: Choose No Repeat from the menu and then tap on ‘Save Live Photos’ button.

Step 6: Now open the Photos app, tap on the Live Photo you just created and set it as your iPhone’s lockscreen wallpaper. Make sure you set it as a ‘Live Photo’ from the wallpaper screen.

Done! Finally lock your device and force tap on the screen to see the animation in its full glory.

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