Getting Accessory Isn’t Supported Or Certified Error? Here’s What To Do

Accessory isn't supported by iPhone

Suppose you’re having charging troubles with your iPhone and constantly getting the ‘Accessory Isn’t Supported’ error or an error that says the accessory isn’t certified. In that case, we understand that you might get frustrated.

Thankfully there are ways to fix these issues and get your device to charge in no time. Before we talk about the solutions for this annoying problem, let’s take a look at the few reasons why these errors appear on your iPhone in the first place.

Why iPhone gives accessory not supported errors?

An iPhone might display accessory isn’t supported or certified errors if the charging port of your iPhone is somehow damaged or dirty with debris stuck inside it.

Users might also get such errors when using a charging accessory that either has a defect or is damaged in some way. Another reason for getting this error, which is more common than you might think is when the user is using an accessory that is not Apple-certified.

Lastly, you could face accessory isn’t supported or certified error if you are trying to charge your iOS device with a USB charger that isn’t designed to charge devices.

Fix accessory isn’t supported or certified issue

Accessory isn't supported by iPhone

You can follow the fixes outlined below in order to solve the accessory isn’t supported or certified error.

Remove debris from your iPhone’s charging port

One reason why your iPhone is not charging properly and you are seeing accessory isn’t supported error on your device is that something is obstructing the charging port.

You can fix this by cleaning your iPhone charging port and remove any debris that might be stuck in there.

Here’s how you can safely clean the charging port of your iPhone or iPad.

Step 1. First of all turn off your iPhone by going to Settings -> General -> Shut Down.

Step 2. Now use a compressed air can to shoot controlled bursts into the port. It is a good idea to hold the can upright so that only air is blasted onto the port and wet propellant is not.

Step 3. Next, use a toothpick and gently insert it into the port of your device. Once it is inside gently scrape it without applying too much pressure.

Step 4. Use the compressed air can once again to give another burst of air to the port so that any debris that came off comes out of the device.

Step 5. After performing the steps above turn your iPhone back on and try charging it once again.

Reboot your iPhone

A simple reboot can fix a lot of problems, and getting rid of accessory not supported error is certainly one of them. Just give your iPhone a good old reboot by pressing and holding the side and volume up buttons and sliding on the on-screen shut-down slider.

Alternatively, you can go to Settings -> General -> Shut Down to turn off the device and turn it back on by pressing the side button.

Try using a different USB cable or charging brick

If cleaning out the charging port and rebooting the device does not help, then try using a different USB cable with your iPhone. If the problem persists, then replace the charging brick with another charger and try again.

Update iOS version

If your iPhone is not running the latest available version of iOS, then it is time to update. You can do so by going to Settings -> General -> Software Update.

Take your device to Apple Support

If nothing works, then you might want to take your iPhone or iPad to Apple Support and get it checked by an expert. You can book a Genius Bar appointment here.

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