How To Quickly Drag And Drop Text And Images Between Different Apps

Starting iOS 15 Apple has made it possible for iPhone and iPad users to move different types of items from one app to another with drag and drop gesture. The new drag and drop feature allows users to move items more quickly between different apps.

Perhaps the most useful application is iOS 15’s drag and drop is when you move text and images from one app to another.

Drag and drop images

You can do this by tapping and long pressing on an image until it starts floating with your finger. As soon as you are able to drag the image you can exit the first app, and without lifting you first finger use the other finger to find and launch the second app.

Once you are in the second app drag your first finger to the spot where you want to drop the image and lift your finger. The image should now get pasted to the new app.

Drag and drop text

Dragging and dropping text from one app to another is also pretty simple. You can start by selecting the piece of text, numbers or paragraph that you want to move between apps. Then tap and hold on the selected text until it starts floating with your finger.

Then exit the first app and without lifting your first finger use your other finger to open another app. Finally move your first finger to the spot where you want to paste the text and lift your finger. The text should now be pasted in your desired spot.

The useful drag and drop features of iOS 15 are not limited to text and images only, as you can also drag links, videos, contacts, screenshots and other items from stock and many third-party apps and drop them in other apps.

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