How To Set Spotify As Default Music Player In iOS 14.5

If you’re a Spotify user who is looking to make Spotify default music player for Siri on iPhone, then you are going to find the right steps to achieve this in this tutorial. Currently this feature is only available on iOS 14.5 beta.

With iOS 14.5 Apple has finally made it possible for iPhone users to set Spotify as default music player when playing music using Siri. iPhone users can now ask Siri to set Spotify or other music apps as default.

The benefit of this new feature is that now you will no longer have to specifically ask Siri to play music with Spotify. So instead of saying Play this song on Spotify, users can simply say Play this song and Siri will automatically launch Spotify app and play that song in that app.

How to set Spotify as default music player in iOS 14.5

Setting Spotify as iPhone’s default music player for SIri is quiet simple and users can do it by asking Siri itself. Follow along with the steps below to set Spotify as default iPhone music player.

Note: Make sure your iPhone or iPad is running iOS 14.5 or later. Currently iOS 14.5 is in beta and will be released to public in the coming weeks.

Step 1: Ask Siri to play any song of your choice.
Step 2: Siri will now show a list of apps that you can play the song in.
Step 3: Tap Yes when Siri asks to get access to Spotify data.
Step 4: Music will now start playing.

After you have played the song as instructed above for the first time Siri will set Spotify as your default music player and will automatically play songs in Spotify moving forward.

Other apps that you can set as default include Pandora, Apple Music etc.

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