How to use Apple Pay on iOS 9 right from the lockscreen

Apple Pay

If you live in a region that has Apple Pay enabled and you actually use the handy feature, then we have got a neat little tip for you. On iOS 9 you can access Apple Pay on your iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus right from the lockscreen. Whenever you are close to an Apple Pay terminal, you have to double tap (not click) on the home button to access the Apple Pay screen and pay for the item you have purchased from the store.

Remember that you have to double tap as quickly as possible, as keeping your finger on the button for too long will also unlock the device. Doing so can be harder on iPhone 6s, which has a significantly faster Touch ID sensor. If you run into a problem, we recommend using a finger that is not Touch ID verified. Also, if you are worried about whether using Apple Pay on the lockscreen is secure or not then don’t, as you will still be required to authenticate using Touch ID before the payment can be processed.

While the feature is enabled by default, if its not you can do so by opening Settings > Wallet & Apple Pay. From there simply turn on the toggle for ‘Double-Click Home Button’. To state the obvious, you can also disable this feature by turning this toggle off.

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