iPad or iPhone Frozen Or Stuck On Black Screen? Try This

If you have an iPad, iPod touch or iPhone frozen or stuck on black screen, then we might be able to help. By following a few quick step by step instructions you can get your iOS device working in a matter of seconds. iPhone or iPad get stuck on black screen or freeze on any particular screen when the system or the software crashes. When this happens the iOS device becomes irresponsive and stops responding to touch or button presses. This can be solved by following the steps detailed in this article.

Quickly fixing an iPad or iPhone frozen or stuck on black screen

To solve this issue we are going to force the iOS device to force restart itself. More often than not these types of issues get fixed when the device experiences a reboot. Restarting the iPad or iPhone experiencing freezing or black screen won’t delete any data stored on your device, so no need to worry about your data.

Force Restarting an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus

  1. Hold your device with both hands and press and hold the Sleep/Wake button and the Volume down button.
  2. Keep the buttons pressed for at least 10 seconds.
  3. You will see the Apple logo, which means the device is now booting. This is a good sign. Let the device start.

Force Restarting an older iPhone, any model of iPad or iPod touch

  1. Hold the device with both hands and press and hold the Sleep/Wake button and Home Button.
  2. Keep the buttons pressed for at least 10 seconds, until the Apple logo appears.
  3. Now your device will boot and you should be able to use it.

iPhone frozen or stuck

These steps should have solved the issues of frozen iPhone or iPad or if they were stuck on the black screen. If not, then you might want to read on.

Your iPhone might not be charging

If the steps above did not help and your device still won’t boot up (and is showing black screen), then you should do the following.

Plug your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to power and let it charge for one hour. You should see the charging screen within the few minutes.

If you don’t see the charging screen and your iPhone is asking you to plug in to a charger by showing a charging cable at the bottom, then it means your device did not connect to the charger properly. In this case make sure:

  • The cable is plugged in properly.
  • There is no debris stuck inside the charging port.
  • The cable and the power adapter is working properly. If your cable is damaged or old, then it is a good idea to borrow one from a friend just to make sure the problem is not with the cable.
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