How To Make Apple Store Appointment To Get Battery Replacement Above 80%

Replace iPhone battery above 80%

In this guide we will share a workaround that will allow you to book an iPhone battery replacement appointment at the Apple Store when its battery health is above 80%.

Is your iPhone battery not performing at the level you expect it to? Are you planning on going to the Apple Store and get its battery replaced? Then this post has some important information for you.

Apple only allows users to book an appointment for iPhone battery replacement when their iPhone’s battery has fallen below the 80% Battery Health. If you try to book an Apple Store appointment for iPhone battery replacement using the Apple Support app when your iPhone’s battery health is above 80%, then the app does not let you complete the booking process.

Even though the Apple Support app considers an iPhone does not need a battery replacement until its battery level has fallen below 80%, there are times when users might want to get an early battery replacement at 84%, 85% or even at 88% because they are not getting the required battery life out of their device’s battery or their battery does not last them full day without a recharge.

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Book appointment for iPhone battery replacement above 80% battery health

If you are one of those users and want to make an Apple Store appointment for iPhone battery replacement while its battery health is above 80%, then you can use the following workaround.

Step 1. First of all delete the Apple Support app from your iPhone.

Step 2. After you have deleted the Apple Support app open Safari and go to Apple’s Get Support webpage.

Step 3. There book an appointment for battery replacement and choose your desired Apple Store and desired time.

Step 4. Visit the Apple Store and get your iPhone’s battery replaced.

When you make an appointment through the Support website, your iPhone’s current battery health will not be checked and you will be able to book an Apple Store appointment for battery replacement.

Important: Please note that this guide will help those who want to pay for Battery Replacement out of pocket. If you are relying on AppleCare+ for free battery replacement, then you will have to wait until your iPhone’s battery goes below 80% for battery replacement.

(Hat tip: xhedgehogx on Reddit)

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