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Do you have an Instagram account where you often share videos? If yes, then we have got a tutorial that will make creating content and editing videos for Instagram much more convenient.

In this tutorial we will show you how you can edit videos directly into Instagram’s square resolution right in Final Cut Pro X. Editing in the Instagram resolution helps users see the end result and make adjustments to their video during the editing process, so they don’t have to make changes later.

Doing so in Final Cut Pro X is far better than cropping video in Instagram, as you get advance tools in FCPX to make sure important parts of your video don’t go out of the frame.

However, not everyone can afford the expensive Final Cut Pro X. If you are an amateur video editor, we recommend you to try VideoProc, an economical video processing tool to resize video for Instagram in good quality. After trimming videos with VideoProc, its inbuilt video converter assists you to convert them to Instagram’s MP4/MOV H.264 format and change the videos to 4K/HD/SD resolution. And to create the square video, VideoProc helps by adjusting video aspect ratio to 1:1 with just one click. If you only want a part of the image, just crop video on the crop box to reserve your desired picture. Contrarily, if you prefer the no-crop video, just enable the square letterbox feature to add black padding to two sides of the video. Video reszing with VideoProc can be finished at up to 47x faster speed with lossless quality, all thanks to its exclusive Level-3 hardware acceleration tech.

Edit Video In Instagram Resolution Using Final Cut Pro X

Step 1: To edit a video in Square resolution open Final Cut Pro X on your Mac and create a new Project by clicking on File > New > Project…

Step 2: Now Click on ‘Use Custom Settings’ button. You should now have more options to configure.

Step 3: Look for ‘Video:’ and click on the drop down menu located right next to it. Choose ‘Custom’ from the menu.

Step 4: After you have chosen the Custom option you will be able to enter resolution for the project manually. Enter 1080 in both fields, so the video is 1080×1080 in resolution. Hit OK to continue.

Step 5: Import the video into the project. Now you will see a square video preview however there will be black bars on top and bottom of the video.

Step 6: Click on the clip in the Timeline and from the side video inspector pane click ‘Spatial Conform’. Under it you will find Type, from its menu choose ‘Fill’.

Step 7: After resizing the video move it left or right to make sure all important parts are in the frame.

Step 8: If you feel like certain parts of the video are not in the frame, use the blade tool (press B) to separate those parts from the main video and then use the Transform tool (shown by an arrow in the screenshot below) to move them within the frame.

Once you are done editing simply export the video like normal and share it with your Instagram followers.

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