How To Record iPhone Screen With Siri

iPhones and iPads have long been able to record their screens. In fact, this functionality was added with the release of iOS 11, and has been around for many years. With the upcoming iOS 16.5 update Apple is making it easier to start and stop screen recording with the help of Siri.

Currently, in iOS 16.4 or older, you can start screen recording by tapping the Record button found within the Control Center screen. To stop screen recording you are required to tap on the status bar of the dynamic island of your device.

With the new feature, users can also ask Siri to start screen recording without touching their device. And once they are done recording they can simply ask the digital personal assistant to stop recording.

If you are on iOS 16.5 (currently in beta), then you can follow the steps below in order to record iPhone or iPad’s screen with Siri.

Step 1. When you are on home screen or lock screen say “Hey Siri, record screen”.

Step 2. Perform the actions or play the video that you want to record with the record screen feature.

Step 3. To make Siri stop the screen recording say “Stop recording”. This will instantly stop recording on your device. Alternatively, you can tap on the red bar or button in the status bar to stop screen recording.

There you have it folks, this is how you can initiate screen recording on your iOS device with the help of Siri.The feature will roll out to all users with the public release of iOS 16.5.

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