How to send PDF documents over WhatsApp on iPhone

WhatsApp PDF Sharing

WhatsApp has become the most important communication app, which is used by millions of iPhone users. The best thing about WhatsApp is that it is cross platform, so unlike iMessages it allows us to chat and share stuff with our friends who are on other platforms. Recently WhatsApp for iPhone was updated to add the ability to share PDF documents with friends and co-workers over chat. In addition to sharing PDF documents through WhatsApp chat, you can also send documents to groups. This enables users to send the same PDF file to a number of users more quickly and efficiently. Read on to learn how to send PDF documents over WhatsApp.

How to send PDF documents over WhatsApp for iPhone

  • When on a conversation page for a single or group chat, press the share button (located on left side of the typing space).

WhatsApp PDF Share iOS

  • From the menu tap on the ‘Share Document‘ option.
  • Now you will get a list of apps that you can send PDFs from. If you don’t see the app that has your document, then tap on the ‘More‘ button and turn its toggle on.

WhatsApp PDF Share iOS 2

  • After you have selected on the relevant app, find and select the PDF document you want to send over WhatsApp.

WhatsApp PDF Share iOS 3

  • WhatsApp will now ask if you want to send the file. Hit the ‘Send‘ button. That’s it!

You can send PDF documents through WhatsApp stored on popular cloud services including iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive. Also, in order to receive a PDF file your friend needs to be on the latest version of WhatsApp.

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