How To Show Or Hide Hidden Album On iPhone’s Photos App

Hidden Albums toggle iOS 14

Hidden Albums toggle iOS 14

iOS 14 adds a new Hidden Album toggle to iPhone and iPad. With this toggle iOS and iPadOS users can essentially hide the ‘Hidden album’ from their Photos app’s Albums tab while still keeping it functional.

What makes the Hidden Album toggle useful is that when this toggle is disabled the Hidden photos feature of the Photos app remains active, and all the photos and videos that have been hidden by the user remain absent from the normal Photos tab. Users can also hide more photos while the Hidden album is not getting showed under Utilities.

This means even though the Hidden album will not show up on the Albums tab you can continue to have hidden photos on your device and hide photos on iPhone. As soon as you enable this toggle from Settings the Hidden album will show up on the Albums tab, giving you access to hidden images and videos.

How To Show Or Hide Hidden Album In Photos App

You can easily enable or disable the Hidden Album toggle by following theses steps on iOS 14 or iPadOS 14 device.

Hidden Albums iOS 14

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Go to Photos.
  3. Disable the Hidden Album toggle to hide it from the Albums tab
  4. Alternatively you can enable Hidden Album toggle to have the Albums appear on the Photos app.

The ability to hide the Hidden Album from the Albums tab makes Hidden Album more private and inaccessible to normal users. This is super useful for those who have private hidden photos or videos on their device and have to hand over their iPhone or iPad to other people.

While the addition of this feature is great, it would be even better if users were able to Touch ID or Face ID protect Hidden Albums on their device.

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