Use Camera app’s timer feature to take better photos (tip)

Photos app timer

Just like other stock apps the Camera application received a major update and new features with the release of iOS 8. These new features make the already awesome iPhone camera even better. One of the Camera app features that we absolutely love is the timer functionality, which allows users to run a timer before taking photos with their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. With the timer feature you can set the camera to capture image after either 3 or 10 seconds from the moment you hit the camera button.

You can activate the timer by tapping on the dedicated timer button located on the top when the device is in portrait mode and on the left side when it is in landscape mode. Once you have selected from the 3 and 10 seconds option you can simply hit the capture button after which you will see a countdown on the screen. When the countdown is finished the photograph is taken automatically.

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This is a great feature for those who have troubles keeping the camera still and hitting the capture button at the same time. It is also useful when you are using some sort of tripod or support accessory with your device. One of the many instances the timer can be useful at is when you are taking group photos and want to be part of the image.

After you are done with using the timer, you can turn it off by tapping on the same button and then selecting ‘Off’ option.

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