Zoom on mobile websites that don’t allow it with this JavaScript hack

When using internet on your iPhone or iPad you may have noticed that some websites do not allow you to zoom in. This is a weird restriction several websites put on, which causes inconvenience for the users. So if you have a bad vision or want to properly view an images by zooming in you simply can’t. Luckily though someone has found a simple workaround to this issue enabling iOS Safari users to perform two finger pinch to zoom on any webpage of their choice.

All you have to do is follow a set of simple steps as shown in the video above. You will need the JavaScript code during the process which you can found below.


What you are doing here is you are creating a new bookmark and replacing its URL with the code above. Then whenever you find a page that restricts zooming you just have to go to the bookmarks menu and tap on the hacked JavaScript bookmark.

[WonderHowTo via LifeHacker]
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