Concept Imagines iPhone SE With A New Slim Bezel Design

iPhone 8 with bezel-less design seems to be getting all the media attention, however there is another iPhone model that is due an update. Users who like the smaller form factor of 4-inch iPhone SE want Apple to release an updated model of the device with latest and greatest features. Since edge-to-edge display equipped devices are all the rage right now designer Jovan Petrović came up with a cool iPhone SE concept for 2017.

The concept as seen in the images has almost no bezels on the sides. On the top and bottom the bezels have been reduced significantly to give the device a compact size and shape, while upsizing its screen to 4.7-inches. The designer also imagines that the device will have an on-screen Touch ID that will be built into its larger screen. Despite having a 4.7-inch screen (same as that of iPhone 7), the new iPhone SE will have the same footprint as the current iPhone SE or 5s. The larger screen will be accommodated on the same body size because the bezels will be greatly reduced.

No matter how cool it looks it seems unlikely that Apple will upgrade iPhone SE to iPhone 8 level design. Apple is already rumored to be keeping the bezel-less design exclusive to iPhone 8, which will be high-end in both specs and price. Perhaps we will see a device similar to this in 2018? We will have to wait to find out.

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