iOS 14 Brings 10x Zoom Level In Photos App

iOS 14 Zoom in Photos

iOS 14 Zoom in Photos

Where iOS 14 has brought some major features to the iPhone, the software update also has many small changes that improve the quality of life for iPhone users. One feature that even the keen eyed iOS 14 users might have missed is the new ability to zoom further into images in the Photos app.

We have demonstrated the difference in zoom levels in the image above, where you can see the contrast in the zoom levels offered in iOS 14 and iOS 13. The difference is huge and very noticeable. While on iOS 14 we can zoom into the image at almost 10x zoom level, on iOS 13 we can barely cross 4-5x at maximum.

The sample above shows the zoom difference between iOS 14 beta and iOS 13 using the same image. The image used in this sample was taken with an iPhone 11 Pro, and shared to an iPhone 8 Plus running iOS 13 over AirDrop.

While it is the same image the deeper zoom level, which is available on iOS 14 makes it easier to see more detail in the image. With the enhanced zooming capability iOS 14 users will be able to zoom in to read text and see fine details in images without using any third-party zooming app or tool.

With the every improving powerful cameras in the iPhone it was about time that Apple allowed users to zoom into their images at 10x levels, and we are glad that iOS 14 finally improves image zooming experience on iPhone and iPad.

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