A Look At iCloud Private Relay Privacy Feature Coming In iOS 15

Apple continues to boost user privacy and security in iOS 15. The new operating system brings a host of new features that are designed to protect user’s identity online when they are browsing the web on their iOS device. This includes the new built-in authenticator feature that we have recently talked about.

While you can always protect your iPhone and iPad’s data and Internet traffic with an iOS VPN, Apple’s new Private Relay privacy feature will protect your identity and prevent others to create a detailed profile about you based on your browsing activity, even when you are not using a VPN.

The iCloud Private Relay is a paid service, which means it will be available to those who are on Apple’s iCloud+ subscription service. If you pay for additional iCloud storage regardless of the tier you are on, you will get the Private Relay feature when iOS 15 is released. Those who are already using the iOS 15 beta can take advantage of iCloud Private Relay feature right now.

So the question that is on everybody’s mind is what is iCloud Private Relay service? Well the answer to that is given below.

iCloud Private Relay is a feature from Apple that is available on all iCloud+ subscription tiers. It allows users to connect to virtually any network and browse through the Safari browser on their iPhone or iPad with more security and a private environment.

With iCloud Private Relay all the traffic that leaves your device is not only encrypted but it is also sent through two separate internet relays. This means no one, which includes Apple is able to see your iPhone’s IP address, location or browsing activity. This stops data companies and advertisers from creating a detailed profile based on your browsing history.

How to enable iCloud Private Relay on iOS 15

iCloud Private Relay is a paid service available with iCloud+. If you subscribe to iCloud+, then you can enable or disable it by following these steps.

  1. Go to Settings and tap on your name.
  2. From the next screen tap on iCloud and then on ‘Private Relay’ option.
  3. Enable the toggle for Private Relay to turn it on.

You can also change the IP address location settings for iCloud Private Relay by tapping on the IP Address option. On the next page you get the following options

  • Preserve Approximate Location
  • Use Broader Location

With Preserve Approximate Location iOS will keep using your approximate IP address location, so you are served local content in Safari browser. If you choose Broader Location option, then iOS will use IP address from a broader location, which might affect your content results.

With Private Relay feature Apple has tried to protect user’s identify and as a result boosted iPhone and iPad user’s online security and privacy when using the Safari browser.

This is the step in the right direction and it will definitely improve user’s online experience.

iCloud Private Relay will be available with the release of iOS 15 in the fall. The feature will require users to have iCloud+ subscription, which starts at $0.99 and comes with 50GB iCloud storage, HomeKit Secure Video, Hide My Email and more.

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