Optimize iPhone X For Better Single Handed User Experience [Video]

iPhone X is a tall device, which makes it less convenient to use with a single hand. We have all been in situations when we are holding something like a cup of coffee in one hand and trying to respond to a text or launch an app with the other one. Needless to say it is hard and can seem like a nightmare.

While you can’t make iPhone X shorter or make your hands bigger, what you can do is optimize your device with some clever tips and tricks. In this video we show you how you can improve your iPhone’s software, so you can use its hardware with more ease.

This tips and tricks video shows you why you should be using invisible icon trick, one handed keyboard feature and reachability for a better single hand user experience on the iPhone X.

While we show these tips on an iPhone X in this video, you can obviously use them on other iPhones such as iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone 7 Plus since these tips also apply to them. If you are someone who even finds it hard to use iPhone 8 or 7 with a single hand, you can also take advantage of this video.

Link to get invisible icons: Makeovr.io

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