PSA: Apple Starts Logic Board Replacement Program For iPhone 8

If you are an iPhone 8 user, then we have got an important news for you. Apple started a logic board replacement program for iPhone 8 users, which will allow them to get their device’s logic board replaced for absolutely free. The replacement program has been started after Apple has determined that a small number of logic boards used in iPhone 8 have a manufacturing defect.

If you are wondering how would you know if your iPhone 8 has a logic board manufacturing defect, then Apple has got you covered. According to the company, if your device experiences from unexpected reboots, frozen screen or it simply won’t turn on, then it is likely that it is affected. Another way of determining if your device might be affected is to see if it was sold between September 2017 and March 2018 in US, Australia, Japan, India, Macau, China, Hong Kong and New Zealand.

Apple has also launched its replacement program website, that makes it possible for users to check if their device is eligible for a replacement. Simply go to this website to see if your device is eligible or not.

Other iPhone models sold during this time frame, which includes iPhone 8 Plus are not affected by this manufacturing defect.

Affected devices can be taken for maintenance to an Apple Retail Store or Apple Authorized Service Provider. You can also use Apple’s mail-in repair service.

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