When Will Apple Release iOS 16 Public Beta?

iOS 16 public beta release

Apple is hosting the highly anticipated WWDC 2022 on June 6. After this event Apple is going to release iOS 16 developer beta for its registered developers. Any developer who wants to test the new operating system will be able to download iOS 16 beta on their iPhone or iPad.

As you may already know Apple also releases public betas for its beta software that are available through its public beta program.

The iOS betas released through the public beta program are relatively less buggy than developer betas and are meant for common users to try out the new software on their ‘spare’ devices.

Last year Apple released iOS 15 developer beta on June 7 after the WWDC 2021 keynote while the first iOS 15 public beta was released on June 30, 2021.

So this year users interested in testing out iOS 16 public beta are wondering when will they be able to test out iOS 16 through the public beta program.

While traditionally Apple releases the public beta for a major iOS version such as iOS 16 two or three weeks after the release of first developer beta.

In the case of iOS 15 last year the public beta was released 3 weeks later. The public beta’s release coincided with the release of iOS 15 developer beta 2.

This year however things appear to be different. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has claimed that Apple might delay the release of iOS 16 public beta and iPadOS 16 public beta even more than last year’s 3 weeks gap.

According to Gurman the first ever iOS 16 public beta could be released sometime in the month of July instead of releasing it by the end of June.

This could mean the release of first public beta of iOS 16 could coincide with the third developer beta of iOS 16.

Looking at last year’s release schedule the third developer beta of iOS 15 was released on July 14, so the release of iOS 16 developer 3 could also be on any date around it.

So to answer our main question, when will Apple release first public beta for iOS 16?

iOS 16 public beta 1 could come on or around July 24, 2022 right along side iOS 16 developer beta 3.

A delayed release of the public beta could be disappointing for users who can’t wait to try out the new features of iOS 16. However Apple has decided to delay this release as the internal seeds of iOS 16 are buggy and Apple will need more time to iron out those bugs before it could release a wider public beta.

Things could still change as Gurman has said that “things are still fluid and could shift” as time passes on.

How To Install iOS 16 Public Beta (Guide)

Here’s how you can download the iOS 16 public beta configuration profile on your device and then download the update over-the-air.

  1. Create a fresh backup of your iPhone or iPad using iTunes/Finder or iCloud.
  2. Open Apple’s Public Beta website on your iOS device and sign in. You can sign up for the beta program for free.
  3. Now click on iOS 16 or iPadOS 16 depending on your device and then tap on the Download Profile option.
  4. Add the profile to your device and make sure to hit Allow when prompted to add the configuration profile to your device.
  5. Once the profile has been added open Settings -> General -> Software Update in order to download and install iOS 16 beta on your device.

Apple’s Public Beta Program provides users the ability to install and use the latest version of iOS 16 on their devices. Users can test out the new features introduced in the new update and report bugs and issues they face during the beta program to improve the new operating system.

Public Beta Program is not limited to iOS and iPadOS only as users can also test out betas macOS, watchOS and tvOS through the program.

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