SidePlayer Chrome extension brings iPad like Picture in Picture to Mac and Windows

SlidePlayer Chrome

iOS 9 added a new Picture in Picture feature to iPad, which allows users to watch a video while they work on something else. This gives users an opportunity to take notes while watching a video as well as watch a video for pleasure while you browse your favorite website. Picture in Picture feature is limited to iPads, however if you want to have a similar functionality on your Mac or Windows PC, then you can have it using the SidePlayer extension. The extension, which is available through the Chrome Web Store allows users to watch Youtube videos in a popup, while they browse the web in another tab.

SidePlayer extension displays a video overlay on top of any website. To view any Youtube video in iPad-like Picture in Picture all you have to do is click on the ‘Play in SidePlayer’ button, which is located at the bottom of Youtube videos. Once you have clicked the button the video will become available as soon as you switch to another tab. The overlay also shows Youtube control, allowing users to pause the video, control video volume and close the video using the ‘x’ button.

The extension shows the ‘Play in SidePlayer’ button on video thumbnails, making it easier for users to start the video playback quickly.

You can download SidePlayer Chrome extension from Chrome Web Store for free on any Mac or Windows.

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