Signs You Need To Clean Your Mac & What To Do About It

When your Mac starts to slow down, this is a sign that you have too much stuff on the computer. Cleaning it off can be one of the most efficient ways to take care of the Mac and make sure that it will work for a long time. Some of the signs that your Mac needs to be cleaned, and some of the things that you can do about it, include:

Signs Your Mac Needs Cleaned

The more you use your Mac, the more likely it is that you will need to get it cleaned out and repaired. This includes filling it with thousands of photos, installing apps, games and more. Some of the signs that it is time to clean out the Mac includes:

  • It is Running Slow: Your Mac computer will start to slow down over time. This is a sign that it is aging. But if it suddenly goes downhill with its speed, then it is time to do a cleaning of the computer. 
  • The Desktop is Cluttered: Take a look at your desktop. Can you see the picture that is supposed to be there? If not, it is time to clean off some of the documents. 
  • The Mac is Overheating: Your Mac may be overheating because it is trying to do too many things at once. Cleaning it off and making sure there are fewer things in the way can help. 
  • You See the Spinning Beach Ball: If you see the little beach ball spinning quite a bit when you try to load something or use the internet, this means your computer is trying to do too many things. 

When it is time to clean out the Mac, you may notice more than one of these signs at a time. The slower your computer gets, the more it means you need to take a break and give the Mac some Love. 

How to Clean Up the Mac

When you start to notice some of the signs above, it is time to clean the Mac to make it work again. There are several steps that you can use to help with this. 

Update the Software

Your Mac may be running slowly because it needs an update to the software. Check the systems settings to see if there is a big update that you need to get done and then schedule it in. Try to keep up on all these updates to keep your computer doing well. 

Clean out Old Files

Old files like documents, pictures, and videos, will slowly take up space in the computer. And if you are not using them, this can just slow things down. Go through each folder and decide which ones you really need. 

Remove Apps You No Longer Use

Apps can take up a lot of space on your Mac and can make it run really slow. Consider looking through all of your apps to see whether there are some that you no longer use. Removing apps from Mac can free up a lot of space and make the computer work better. 

Run a System Check

A quick systems check will help you take care of the computer. It will look for issues on the computer and can alert you when you may need to fix a problem. Run an antivirus scan at the same time just to be safe. 

These solutions are meant to help you prolong the life of your Mac and can make it easier to use that computer for a long time, without it slowing down or causing problems. Try out a few the next time you notice the Mac is not working as quickly as it should. 

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