What Do We Know About The New 32-inch iMac 2021 – The Most Powerful iMac Ever?

At the beginning of June, there was the largest information leak from Apple in its entire history. We are talking about news related to a multi-colored M1 iMac, Tim Cook, John Ternus, Greg Josvyak, and their subordinates. Unlike the secrets from the past, this one is from the future.

The M1 iMac has so many hints about what a big 30 or 32-inch iMac with Apple Silicon will be that you can almost touch it with your hands. So, what do we know about the new iMac Pro 2021? Find out from the post!

New Gadget for a New Approach

This isn’t just another Mac with M1 inside: it is the first Mac ever designed as a Mac with Apple Silicon. The limitations of the previous architecture have not restrained the imagination of its creators.

The unusual solutions used in it have been tried and tested and will not disappoint the public. Of course, there is always an opportunity to empower even the most advanced gadget with cool software: for example, you can export high resolution 8K footage in reduced time, play heavy duty games or perform simple tasks like download PDF combiner to work on PDF or install a powerful anti-virus on your device. Still, there are many amazing features of the new iMac Pro introduced by developers.

1. Design

Visually, the elder brother of the 24-inch iMac will be an enlarged copy of it. Rumors suggest that the new iMac will have a screen size of 30 to 32-inches. If you look at it from the side, it will look like an overgrown iPad, just like the 24-inch model.

A large iMac should be thicker. Positioning the computer and organizing its efficient ventilation even in the 24-inch iMac was not a trivial task. In a large iMac, this task will be more difficult: a powerful chip will inevitably generate more heat. All connectors will be located on the back of the case. The 3.5 mm headphone jack will most likely be on the side due to the thickness of the computer case.

2. Color

Whether the era of colorless Macs has ended is unknown. There are still not enough facts to draw conclusions. The small iMac’s colors are pleasing to the eye and shocking for those who believe that such frivolity is inappropriate in the office and in the workplace. Even if Apple has decided to revitalize the workspace, the colors of large professional iMacs should be more strict.

3. Characteristics

The screen size of the iMac display is only approximate. More or less reasonable assumptions are 32 inches (like Apple’s Pro Display XDR) or 30 inches. In any case, the screen resolution will be 6K (6016 x 3384). Apple needs to impress everyone and not lose income at the same time. Therefore, it seems that there will be at least two models of a large iMac: 

  • A regular 6K display model, more or less affordable;
  • A luxury model not for everyone, with a miniLED display and a shocking price.

Bloomberg also told about four new Apple Silicon chips, but only Apple knows about their capabilities. In the luxury model, most likely, the chip will be more powerful and expensive, and in the ordinary one – simpler and cheaper.

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