Apple Announces Apple Music Sing Karaoke Like Feature, Coming Later This Month

Apple has announced a new karaoke like Apple Music feature called Apple Music Sing, which enables users to sing along their favorite songs. The Apple Music Sing comes with features like adjustable vocals and real-time vocals.

With Apple Music Sing users get access to multiple lyric views feature, which makes it easier for them to perform duets, sing backup, take the lead and more.

Apple says Apple Music Sing will be available to all Apple Music subscribers around the world later this month. Apple Music users will be able to take advantage of this feature on their iPhone, iPad and Apple TV 4K.

With Adjustable Vocals feature of Apple Music Sing users will be able to control a song’s vocal levels. This makes it possible for them to sing with the original singer of the song, take lead or mix up.

Real-time lyrics feature will enable users to sing along to songs with animated lyrics that ‘dance to the rhythm of the vocals’.

Background vocals feature makes the vocal lines sung simultaneously to animate independently from the main vocals. This makes it easier for users to follow the vocals.

Duet View feature of Apple Music Sing displays multiple vocalists on the screen. This feature is great for singing duets or multi-singer tracks.

According to Apple’s press release Apple Music Sing feature will launch with 50 companion playlists.

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