Beautiful Mockups Show Rumored MacBook Pro Design Ahead Of Launch

We are just hours away from the official announcement of the hotly anticipated MacBook Pros. Apple is expected to give MacBook Pros a major spec bump with M1 Pro chip along with major design changes that extend to its display.

As we wait for Apple’s official announcement designer @RalphTheodori on Twitter has shared some exciting mockups of the rumored MacBook Pro design, that showcase how the new Apple notebooks might look like if Apple adds the rumored edge to edge display with a camera notch on top.

The results are jaw dropping as the designer has managed to hide the notch with the help of a dark wallpaper and black macOS menu bar.

What makes this mockup of MacBook Pros with notch interesting is how the designer has managed to hide the notch using dark UI elements including a dark menu bar and wallpaper. This is the same technique we have seen with the iPhones where Apple hides the notch in its marketing images by using a wallpaper with dark or black top.

If MacBook Pros are indeed going to feature a notch, we can expect similar optical illusion techniques to be used by Apple in its promotional photos.

The main reason why the notch can be hidden so easily by using dark menu bar and wallpaper has to do with the expected inclusion of a mini-LED display on the new MacBook Pros.

The mini-LED display offers darker blacks when compared to traditional LCD displays that we have on the current MacBooks. This means notch can easily be hidden or made less obnoxious by surrounding it with dark UI elements, which is exactly what we see in these mockups.

By the way if you like the wallpaper featured in the mockup above, then you can download it below.

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