Bought AirPods Wireless Charging Case For AirPower? You Can Still Return It!

After over a year of delays Apple has finally cancelled AirPower charging mat. The cancellation comes one week after the company has launched the second generation AirPods with wireless charging case. The wireless charging case that comes with the $199 AirPods and that you can also buy separately for $79 comes with Qi wireless charging, allowing you to charge with any Qi enabled wireless charger.

However there are many users out there who bought the wireless charging equipped AirPods or the wireless charging case, so they can use it when AirPower comes out, and now they feel deceived by Apple. If you are one of those people and are disappointed with the cancellation of AirPower accessory, you can still return the $199 wireless charging AirPods and get the cheaper $159 AirPods without charging case, or just return the charging case in case you bought it separately.

In case you don’t know Apple has a 14 day return policy, so you have the chance of returning both the $199 AirPods or the $79 charging case within 14 calendar days from the date you received it.

However before you do so you should take a look at all the great Qi wireless charging pads that allow you to recharge your iPhone and AirPods wirelessly.

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